Claus-Jürgen Fischer

With SanTerris and AnnaTara I have found my personal mission in life. I ask myself every day: What can I do today, to help people and animals as well as the environment and the planet? I base my actions on that question. It is, so to speak, my personal mission – my dharma – to make the greatest contribution to the world possible.



  • Born in May 1968
  • Married, family with 2 wonderful kids


  • Board member Alpha One AG
  • Managing Director SanTerris GmbH
  • Managing Director AnnaTara Foundation


  • Graduate in business administration, studied business administration at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main
  • Study focus: Marketing, Corporate Management, business informatics, finance
  • Continuous exchange with marketing research and teaching
  • Board member of Alpha One AG – over 30 years self-employed with my own agency in strategy, marketing & communications
  • For several years also active in corporate restructuring/reorganisation


Extensive involvement with the topics of health and fitness, Mobility and freedom of pain

Health training:

  • Jentschura nutritional counselling with focus on acid-base balance
  • Mycotherapist
  • Golgi pain therapist
  • Golden Painfree fascia massage etc.

Nutrition: vegan

Co training leader:

  • TigerMoves
  • RainMaker
  • LionKids

Wing Tsun Kung Fu teacher

Fun sport: Tennis


  • Extensive initiations, training and education in various yoga, energy and meditation systems
  • Intensive meditation practice
  • Meditation teacher and prana teacher

Dr. rer. med. Dorothee Bös

The fascination of all life and the wonderful diversity of nature worth protecting, the perfect compositions and the fragile interplay of all species on this incredible planet – all this has always fascinated me and that is why I dedicated myself to the study of biology. For over 30 years, I have also been committed to protecting the rainforest and preserving biodiversity. When I did my doctorate in medicine, I naturally refrained from animal experiments and I also support the organisation “Doctors without Animal Experiments” – we don’t have to torture animals to find remedies for avoidable diseases and, by the way, we don’t have to torture animals for the unavoidable ones either – technical progress makes that possible for us!

Biology and medicine can be wonderfully reconciled if one is involved in naturopathy and nutrition and this is also my current field of activity – nature and natural foods such as mushrooms as the basis for our health!

Here is the summary:

Studied biology with a focus on microbiology, immunology and organic chemistry.

Doctorate (Dr. rer. med.) at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University Frankfurt, Department of Clinical Pharmacology

Examination as non-medical practitioner, specialising in nutritional and fungal medicine

Over 20 years of experience healing from clinic and practice, training for doctors and alternative practitioners in naturopathy, nutrition and complementary medicine.

Anja Liane van Offern

Some paths run straight, others bring a lot of experience – even on supposed detours.
I have tried out a lot. This was followed by training in the craft and commercial sectors. Later I also studied.
Stays in other European countries and a variety of further training courses – there is little that doesn’t interest me.


I am an authorised Prana, Yoga and Meditation teacher.

Coaching & Mindset: Decades of training in seminars, workshops and online courses by Franz Stowasser, Martin Weiss, John Assaraf, Mark Robert Waldman, Jim Bunch and many, many more.


Today it is a great pleasure for me to share all the experiences and knowledge I have gained with participants and coachees and to support them on their path to health and shine.

Nothing makes me as happy as seeing people realise how much they can shape their lives and make their most secret wishes come true.

I am not the only one living a life today that I could hardly have imagined a few years ago. Many of my participants and coachees have reached levels that were hardly conceivable for them before. Be it increases in sales in the double-digit percentage range, more time for the family, happier partnerships, better health or – generally speaking – the fulfilment of one’s own life dreams.

Skills that help me to support you are, above all, a high level of empathy in order to quickly and accurately recognise where the knot is and then to find quick pragmatic solutions for you.

For a free person, who I was yesterday and what I am today says little about who I will be tomorrow.

Who do you want to be tomorrow?